Residential Construction and Renovation Success Stories

We understand that every residential renovation or construction project is different in size and scope. However, throughout the years we continue to receive success stories about our craftsmanship, professionalism, and commitment from the clients that we serve in Anne Arundel County and neighborhoods such as Pasadena, Severna Park, Glen Burnie, Millersville, Arnold, Annapolis, Crownsville, Crofton, Edgewater, and Eastport. Below are just a few of these success stories that our clients have shared with us.

Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations

In 1994, we decided we wanted to make our one story walk out, in Arnold, MD larger. We had just had our third child and needed to make our three bedroom, two bath home into something larger.

We hired an architect and after an estimate of how much it cost to remove the roof and add another floor, we realized that building a new home would cost about the same. We decided to look for some property to build another home. Lucky for us, when we were looking for land, we came across a home in Pasadena, Maryland. The kitchen, however looked horrible.

The cost to buy the home and renovate the kitchen cost less than adding a second floor in Arnold so we bought the home with hopes of turning it into our dream home. I asked around and was referred to a local Pasadena contractor that was really respected for his work. Northern craft construction and Bruce’s team not only came in and gave us a brand-new kitchen but give us a brand-new life.

Bruce visited with us using his 3-D program and showed us what the kitchen would look like after remodeling. We were in love with our new home and yes, kitchens really can make it a new home. In a matter of only five days, we went from drab, outdated cabinetry and fixtures— and horrible flooring to a Better Homes & Gardens kitchen on 7-acres of Woodlands—finally, our dream home.

They put up plastic to keep the dust from going to other parts of the house – and cleaned up every night so that we could see the progress. We’re so glad we met Bruce Northcraft. Since 1994, when we have moved into the house – Bruce has assisted us with other remodeling projects and each one he works on is professionally done —on time and on budget.

From hardwood flooring to remodeling, it really is true that Northern Craft construction really does build on tradition and integrity with pride.

—John Corsaut – Pasadena, MD – 1999


Residential Construction Insurance Repair Work

Ever have one of those years? This year, my youngest started pre-K, my oldest got braces, and a month ago I went into my basement to find two feet of water!

Fortunately for me, my business partner had a relationship with a general contractor, Bruce Northcraft of Northern Craft construction. Even though I heard that Bruce would take care of me, I had no idea what laid ahead with bringing my basement back to normal.

I called Bruce and within a few days he came out and spent three hours at my house showing me what needed to be fixed and more important, how to take advantage of a tragedy and turned around and do something amazing.

Once the water was pumped out and after inspection, it turns out that my French drain system under my home was crushed. We had to take everything out of our basement – and I mean, everything! Bruce and his crew came in and dug huge troughs around my basement to replace the French drain.

Fortunately that ordeal didn’t last long but he put up plastic the dust and concrete out of upstairs. They even more special booties to keep from track tracking dirt upstairs indoor living area. We then sent down with the 3-D program and he showed me the possibility.

My basement looks better than it did before the horrible tragedy of water damage. From Wayne’s walls to finishing to new flooring and painting, Bruce’s work was exceptional. Not to mention, I didn’t have to work with the insurance company as Bruce worked directly with them on my behalf.

Talk about making my life easier in the face of so much potential hassle. I can’t wait to entertain family this year is Christmas in my new basement! Thank you Bruce – exceptional work. I will refer you to everyone!

— Shawn Noratel – Millersville, MD – July, 2016


New Home Remodeling and Renovation

I wanted to give a brief testimonial to talk about exceptional things that can happen with a young couple growing their life.

My wife and I had just had our first child and were looking for very first home. We had a limited budget and as it turns out, a fixer-upper was the best thing that we could purchase with the mortgage that we were approved for. Our realtor did an exceptional job of finding us a perfect location, but man – we had such a long road in front of us, or so we thought.

My father-in-law knew a general contractor that he had worked with on his home that he was really happy with. The company is called Northern Craft construction– Bruce Northcraft was the general contractor.

The place we picked out, even though a great location – needed a whole lot of work. At first, I thought the best way to fix up our new home would be as a do it yourselfer. Or so I thought— I’m so glad we met Bruce because he came in and looked at and pointed out all the possibilities and really worked with us on the pricing and materials. The home had outdated, gross worn—and smelly—carpeting, and an unfinished basement with a lot of potential.

What started out as a two bedroom one bath, after Bruce’s amazing work – turned into a three bedroom, two bath and what was really great, the remodeling increased the value of our home.

Bruce’s Crew came in and ripped up all the carpeting and replaced it with hardwood flooring. Our basement was completely gutted and in what seem to matter of only a few weeks, was transformed into an amazing living room, an additional bedroom, and a full bath. Bruce has this 3-D program on his laptop and he sat down with us and showed us what our living space could look like. I wish I had before and after pictures because what we ended up with was even better than the computer rendering!

Thank you Bruce and the Northern Craft construction crew – you made our life so much easier and now, the extra bedroom has really paid off because we just had her second child!

We’ll use Northern Craft when we look for our next home!

— Jamie Czajkowski – Arnold, MD – June, 2014