Insurance Claim Repairs

“When life’s moments happen, and they do—turn to a team that cares about your project and has the experience to make your home better than new again.”

Home damage and the resulting Insurance claims are a fact of home ownership. And when they do, you will need a construction contractor that you can trust to help rebuild your property, as well one that fully understands the insurance process. If you or your family have been impacted by damage from a vehicle, storm, debris, mitigation, flood or structural failure— you will need assistance in stabilizing property and investment. In the end, it’s your responsibility to reduce the loss even before an adjuster arrives on the scene.

When you choose the Northern Craft team, you are hiring a restoration contractor with construction expertise and over two decades of experience working with insurance companies and realtors.

• Mitigation Mold and Wall Removal
• Demolition and Clean-up
• Estimating for Insurance Purposes
• Flood Repair
• Realtor/Home Sales Repairs
• Drywall Repair

• Painting
• Electrical Repair
• Siding and Roof Repairs
• Doors and Windows
• Flooring
• Structural Repair

• Drainage and Sump Pump
• Waterproofing
• Structural Repairs

My basement looks better than it did before the horrible tragedy of water damage. From Wayne’s walls to finishing to new flooring and painting, Bruce’s work was exceptional. Not to mention, I didn’t have to work with the insurance company as Bruce worked directly with them on my behalf.

Talk about making my life easier in the face of so much potential hassle. I can’t wait to entertain family this year is Christmas in my new basement! Thank you Bruce – exceptional work. I will refer you to everyone!

— Shawn Noratel – Millersville, MD – July, 2016