Church Steeple Repair

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In 2017 there was a bad windstorm that caused the steeple to be blown off of Come As You Are Bible Fellowship Church. A neighbor called the fire department the following day, and they were able to detach and lower the steeple to the ground with minimal damage.


When we assessed the damage of the steeple, we discovered there was a crack in the sphere beneath the cross. Before we were able to reinstall the steeple, we needed to sand it down and add a new coat of fiberglass.


In addition to repairing the steeple we also constructed a new internal structure for the steeple to rest on. Since the steeple is hollow (about a quarter inch thick of fiberglass) it will fit around the base perfectly. Once we got the steeple back in place on the new base it was time to secure it. We bolted the steeple to the base and then adhered the two together with fiberglass.



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