Top 8 Features for a Multi-Functional Kitchen

Top 8 Features for a Multi-Functional Kitchen - Image 1

Today's kitchens serve as multi-functional spaces. Not only are they a place to cook and enjoy meals, but also a place to work and entertain. New kitchen designs and features are used to maximize space, increase storage, and maintain practicality and versatility in your home.

We've outlined 8 of our favorite features to create the ultimate multi-functional kitchen. 

1.   Multipurpose island. The kitchen island is not just a place for eating and cooking, but it also serves as a prime location for gathering and entertaining. Whether hosting a Sunday brunch and putting out a scrumptious spread or making it your new quarantine office, the kitchen island needs to be versatile to fit all your different needs!

2.   Appliances garage. Does your mixer, toaster, blender, and crock-pot take up too much space on your countertop? An appliances garage is just what you need. Organize and store your appliances, all while hiding them and maintaining a sleek and clean look throughout your kitchen.

3.   Pull-out spice cabinets. A pull-out spice cabinet right next to your stove is a must-have for every busy chef. It keeps all your spices organized and visible, making cooking more convenient and enjoyable. It's narrow design also saves space in your kitchen, which is always a plus!

4.   Pot filler (Pasta Arm). To save time and muscle in the kitchen, a pot filler is a must. Pot fillers save you the hassle of having to carry a heavy pot filled with water back and forth from the sink to the stove. It also eliminates the dilemma of trying to fit a large pot in a smaller sink.

5.   Sliding pulls out shelves. Do you ever find yourself taking out multiple pots to get to just one pan in the back of the cabinet? Sliding pull shelves are what you need. Not only do they organize your kitchenware, but they maximize the amount of accessible space available on your shelf.

6.   A built-in wine refrigerator. Keep your wine at the perfect temperature, ready to open and pour with a built-in wine refrigerator! Bring character and charm to your kitchen, all while keeping your refrigerator free for all your groceries and leftovers.

7.   Hands-free faucet. A hands-free faucet is an easy and convenient way to keep your faucet handle clean, even during your messiest culinary ventures. Not only does it keep your hands and kitchen clean, but it also reduces water waste and minimizes the spread of germs found on faucet handles for a happier and healthier kitchen!

8.   Warming drawer. Whether your kids are at practice, you're hosting a large family dinner, or you slept through breakfast, the warming drawer is the solution when trying to serve multiple courses or a household on different schedules. It keeps food fresh and hot and allows you to cook dinner at once without having to refrigerate and then microwave it at a later time.


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