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Transforming your home for summer is daunting. There is so much you can do to revamp your space into a bright, inviting place to spend time with loved ones. Landscaping is often the first project homeowners think to start when it comes time to transition to summer. Non-aesthetic maintenance is vital to make sure you have a clean, safe and secure space to enjoy during the heat. From cleaning to refinishing; the possibilities are endless. Get your home ready for summer with this checklist:


  1. Clean AC units and vents- Don’t neglect the airflow through your home! Cleaning your AC unit, vents, exhaust duct, and changing filters will ensure the air inside your home is free of any dust or debris that could be trapped and pose potential fire hazards
  2. Test your detectors- Carbon monoxide poisoning rates are higher in the summer—properly functioning carbon monoxide and smoke detectors save lives
  3. Repair roof- Roofing is subject to wear and tear. Repairing your roof can prevent any leaks, water damage, algae, and mold.
  4. Check and clean windows- Removing all dirt from the exterior and interior of your windows will allow your windows to have a tighter seal when closed. Check your weather stripping, and consider energy-efficient windows
  5. Fresh paint job- Aesthetically, fresh paint is appealing. But, it also acts as a layer of protection between whatever you choose to paint your fence, home, deck, etc. This can cut down future costs from structure damage
  6. Repave- Cracks in your sidewalk or driveway can be problematic. Not only can they cause injury to yourself or your vehicle; the growth of weeds will be inevitable, creating another problem. And who doesn’t like the look of a freshly paved blacktop driveway?
  7. Piers- Giving your pier a little bit of love is a great idea. Avoid splinters, rot, rusty nails, etc.
  8. Inspect siding- You should always check your siding for cracks and holes. This will prevent critters from moving in!
  9. Insulation- In the summer? Yes, insulation is just as important in the winter as it is in summer. Insulation keeps your home from overheating by slowing the movement of heat from room to room.
  10. Floors- With so many outdoor activities in the summer, having durable flooring in your home is ideal. For families with pets and children, vinyl and laminate is a great alternative to classic hardwood—which is more susceptible to scratches and water stains.


Sound like a lot of work? Let us take care of it for you! All services listed above are offered by NorthernCraft with special promotions on projects over $5,000.