As summer begins, so does another to-do list. Making sure your home can withstand the environment as the season changes is vital when it comes to the upkeep and efficiency of your home. Here are some must-do household chores that you can tackle to make sure your home runs smoothly throughout the upcoming summer months.

The heat and humidity in Maryland can make the summer uncomfortable, so making sure your home cooling system is running properly is key when it comes to you and your family’s comfort. Start with dusting ceiling fans, then make sure to schedule any routine or urgent maintenance needed for your home’s cooling system. This will help your appliances’ performance and allow you to detect problems before it matters most.

The summer heat can be crippling to your lawn and plants. Make sure that irrigation systems are working properly. Watering in the morning will help your lawn and plants retain more water for when the temperature rises during the day.

Bugs are a huge problem during the summer months in Maryland, especially mosquitos. Calling an exterminator can help rid your home and yard of unwanted bugs. When it comes to mosquitos, stock up on bug spray and try planting citronella around your house to help combat the pesky bugs.

Once you’ve completed you summer home checklist, take time to enjoy your space. Next, you might be thinking about adding a deck to really take full advantage of your outdoor area. Call Northern Craft Construction today for a free quote.