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With summer approaching, a complete bathroom remodel is most likely not a project that fits into your family’s schedule. Between vacations, camp, work, and everything in between, it’s often hard to find the time to tackle such projects. However, summer can be a time that you welcome out-of-town guests, friends, and family into your home. All of this extra traffic may have you worried in regard to space, especially if your home as a smaller than normal powder room. If you don’t have the time to completely remodel your small or out-of-date space, here are some easy design ideas that can make your confined space into a comfortable one.

When remodeling a small bathroom, it is key to use vertical space. Adding shelves and baskets can create more storage for a small bathroom while adding character and hiding all of that clutter. However, make sure not to overcrowd wall space.

Next, try thinking out of the bow, literally. Going outside of the bathroom in terms of design and storage can extend the area you have available and make it feel less cramped. Using the area right outside of the door can help make a smaller bathroom feel bigger, for example, by placing a mirror and small table in the hallway for you and your guests to use. You might even try using this space to add storage, seating, or as place to hang towels.

Sleek designs are important when it comes to making your small bathroom feel bigger. By adding built-in shelves, it creates more storage space and also uses less room. Wall mounted faucets can also provide a sleek look while freeing up counter space.

Remodeling your small bathroom doesn’t have to be another added worry. Having trouble envisioning the potential of your small space? All it takes is one free planning appointment (about 3-4 hours) with Northern Craft Construction and, depending on the complexity of your project, we expect that all your questions will be answered. Then, by the end of the meeting, you’ll be able to magically ‘walk-through’ the home improvement project of your dreams! Call today to learn more about our 3D in-home design experience and schedule your appointment.