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Part of a beautiful home is a beautiful lawn. Everyone craves their own little patch of grassy paradise, whether it’s to add greenery to a city space, add curb appeal, or to transform a boring backyard into a family-friendly oasis. Try these 5 tips to keep your yard healthy, green, and lush for months to come.

Weed Your Lawn

Late spring is the best time to weed and feed your lawn. Don’t treat your entire lawn unless you have a major weed problem. Too many chemicals can put your lawn at risk during the intense heat of summer. Try spot-spraying or pulling scattered weeds first.

Dethatch With a Rake

Thatch is essentially dead or dying grass shoots. Too much of it can suffocate your lawn. An intense removal of thatch can be rough on your lawn, so make sure you do it at the beginning of a growth period so your lawn can recover properly. A stiff yard rake should do the trick when tackling this project.

Seed Your Lawn

Whether you’re starting from scratch or nursing an existing lawn back to health, seeding is an important task necessary to help your lawn reach its full potential. Early spring is a good time to do this. Keep in mind that colder soil conditions may slow growth down a bit.

Water Your Lawn

All grass needs water, and depending on the type of grass you have, that could mean a lot. Consider splurging for an in-ground irrigation system or go for a more budget-friendly option such as a well-placed sprinkler on a basic timer.

Leave the Clippings after Mowing
Once your grass reaches the point where you need to start cutting it, remember that your grass clippings essentially act as natural mulch for your lawn. These clippings are rich in organic compounds and will help feed your lawn. Make sure to mow your lawn only when it’s dry so that the clippings don’t clump up.