We’ve made it through December, but that doesn’t mean the cold is over just yet. If you haven’t prepped your home for the cold yet, tackle this checklist to make sure everything in your home is ready to make it through these last months of Winter.

Save on your energy bill by blocking drafts. If you have noticed any drafts in your home, try applying weather-stripping to the area instead of just turning up the heat. Drafts coming from under a door can be fixed by putting in a door sweep. This attaches to the bottom of your door and seals off the gap that is causing the draft.

Clear space for cold weather gear. Cold weather requires specific gear. Bulky coats, winter boots, gloves, and scarves should be kept nearest your main entrance for easy access. Try throwing up some coat hooks and placing a heavy-duty tray near the door to hold dirty boots. These coat hooks can also come in handy as the year goes on.

Prep for any more possible winter weather.
Place snow shovels and window scrapers in an easy to access location in your home. Storing these supplies near the door with your cold weather gear can come in handy. Mark the sides of your driveway along with other areas that can become hidden form snow with reflective poles or flags to help guide snow plows or mark out areas for shoveling. Keeping a stock of food, water, candles, flashlights, and blankets can really help if a power outage occurs.

If you haven’t already, disconnect your hoses. With the cold weather, make sure that the water supply to any outdoor faucets is shut off. Disconnect any hoses that may have been left out. If it’s a warm day, melt any ice that may have formed and drain the water. Roll up hoses to store indoors so they are ready for spring.

With a little last minute preparation, you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the rest of the season. After checking off these tasks, you’re ready for a less hectic, more harmonious two months. Enjoy winter walks, hot cocoa, and enjoying your home with loved ones.

If any damage to your home happens to occur due to winter weather, resulting in an insurance claim, you will need a construction contractor that you can trust to help rebuild your property, as well one that fully understands the insurance process. In the end, it’s your responsibility to reduce the loss even before an adjuster arrives on the scene. When you choose the Northern Craft team, you are hiring a restoration contractor with construction expertise and over two decades of experience working with insurance companies, so don’t hesitate to contact us.