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These beautiful fall days remind Marylanders why we love our state. The temperature is perfect for fall sports, weekend activities, and after-school playtime. Sure, your kids can expel their energy outside—for now—but once it gets cold you’ll be left with bored, stir-crazy kids. That’s why you need to start your basement renovation before the winter chaos ensues. Here are 3 ideas to inspire your basement renovation.

Create a Scene

Children love to play make believe and have amazing imaginations. You can create a scene to inspire them whether it’s creating a town with different roadways, a castle with dragons, or a magical forest.

Go Contemporary

Adding pops of bright colors to your basement can give it a contemporary look and create a fun atmosphere for your kids. You can use different colors to encourage organization and create a space that is fitting for kids of all ages.

Make it Cozy

Do you want a room that is inviting and warm but also kid-friendly and functional? Your basement renovation can be a new playroom and family room all in one. Northern Craft Construction can build extra storage space and shelving in your basement to conceal toys. Extra Storage will allow you to use your new space to read a book or watch a movie once playtime is over.

If you want to renovate your basement but are still on the fence, Northern Craft Construction can provide a FREE 3D rendering of your basement based on dimensions and your ideas. Update your basement before the cold weather hits so you’ll have somewhere to send your kids while you work on dinner or have room to relax and rejuvenate. You supply the vision and Northern Craft Construction will be the hands that help make your dream basement come to fruition.