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So you’re debating whether you need to install a fence in your backyard? A fence might seem like a minor addition to your house but there are some major benefits that it can bring. With summer here, a fence could be just what you need to make your house into a home! Here are four reasons why you need a fence in your yard.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal. Fences come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes and can add a comfortable and secure touch to your home. Your choice of fence materials will be greatly affected by your personal taste. Material options include iron, metal, and wood. You also have the option to choose the shape and spacing of your fence. A picket fence is typically a traditional and effective choice while a lattice fence can provide security with a hint of sophistication. Get creative and choose the look you want for your backyard.
  2. Security. Adding a fence will encourage that your kids and pets stay in the perimeter of your property. Young children and animals are prone to wander and can move quickly. Fencing your yard will keep them from wandering into the streets or getting lost. A fence will help give you peace of mind allowing your kids and pets to enjoy the outdoors with safe boundaries.
  3. Privacy. Installing a fence will give you quality time with your family while avoiding invasive onlookers and nosey neighbors. Enjoy the privacy of your own backyard, without feeling obligated to make small talk with your neighbors or feeling the need to invite everyone to your backyard BBQ for fear of them seeing your event and feeling left out.
  4. Investment. Higher quality fences can increase your home value by 50% of the material and installation cost on resale.

Whether your backyard is small or big you should be able to enjoy the outdoors in peace. If you are considering installing a fence in your yard, call Northern Craft Construction today. We will ensure that your fence is properly installed and looks exactly how you envision it.