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What marks a good summer spot? Being surrounded by the laughter of friends, the smell of a crackling grill, and a backyard setup that is functional and welcoming. This summer, forget traveling. Here are three easy ways to make the most of your summer in the comfort of your own backyard!

  1. Build a patio. You can decide whether to utilize brick, stone or concrete pavers to begin the construction of your outdoor haven.
  2. Add a fire pit. Put a little flare on your patio with a beautifully built fire pit. Your family will create unforgettable memories making smores on a cool summer evening.
  3. Build an outdoor bar. The kitchen is the heart of the home; let your outdoor bar be the heart of your backyard. Give your friends a place to gather, and your family a place to enjoy a cold beverage or a home cooked meal.

Give Northern Craft Construction a call today and make this summer the best one yet!