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Ready to communicate effectively with your contractor?  Sometimes terminology can get in the way of efficiently communicating your expectations to your contractor. Here are a few simple terms to remember.

  • Remodeling – this is a general term that is typically used incorrectly to categorize a broad list of projects. Remodeling, actually, refers to changing the character of a house or portion of a house. For example, if you incorporate your dining room with your kitchen to create a bigger kitchen it would be considered a “remodeling project.”
  • Restoring – Restoring a house or room is making a house look as it did before. For example, if you wanted to make your colonial home in Annapolis look like it once did, it would be considered a “restoration.”
  • Renovating – A term that refers to making something old new in other words renovate means to update. For example, the conversation of a basement with old dingy carpeting and old appliances to a rec-room with hardwood floors and new appliances would be considered renovating.

Whether you are looking for a remodeling, restoring, or renovating project, Northern Craft Construction is here to lend a helping hand.