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Adding a garage to your home adds a large amount of usable space and value to your home. Your garage can protect your valuable vehicle from weather damage due to rain, snow, ice, hail, and even the sun. It can also provide you with secure storage and protect your belongings from theft. In addition to the safety and protection of your new garage space, you also have the potential to add usable living space above your garage.

If you love your home but feel as though you need a new office space, bedroom, a cozy retreat, or even just more usable living area – this could be the solution to your problems. To ensure your garage addition is successful, consider these important steps before beginning your build.

  • Decide on your budget. This step is crucial because it helps to allocate your finances to best fit the budget you have set. You should look into all options including adding to your current mortgage or consider taking out a loan. With this step, you can also make necessary decisions regarding factors such as finishes, flooring, etc. in order to keep within your budget while also making sure you can achieve the results you’re looking for.
  • Identify restrictions. Look into homeowner’s association stipulations, any zoning laws, and setback rules to ensure your garage addition will be up to code. This is also the time to consider if the addition will increase your property taxes.
  • Look at the dollar value. Consider adding extra living space above your garage in order to add extra value to your home. If this living space can become legally occupied, this could create extra monthly income for your expenses by renting out this new room or allow your family more space to grow into your existing home rather than having to buy a new one.
  • Make sure the garage matches your home’s exterior. Adding a garage can help with curb appeal for your home. It is important to coordinate the elements of your addition with the already existing exterior finishes your home has in order to create a unified look for your home.

If you are planning on adding a garage to your home, consider using Northern Craft Construction for all of your needs. Since 1990, Northern Craft Construction has helped Anne Arundel County residents transform their homes into beautiful and inviting living spaces. If you’re interested in scheduling a free in-home consultation with our Anne Arundel County-based construction team, call today at 410-437-9516.