Bathing a dog Golden Retriever

Furry friends are not to be forgotten in your upcoming renovations! Read on to see how you can make your space more accommodating for your pet:


  1.  When completing a full renovation, be sure to think about the floors. Carpet tends to absorb animal odor, but wooden or tile floors with high durability can prevent pet’s nail scratches (and are easier to clean up!)
  2. Create a useable mudroom for the entire family. Have a bench with storage for toys, treats, and other outdoor necessitates. Add hooks for easy access to frequently used items such as treats or leashes.
  3. Built-in feeding stations can keep your home clean – and feeding time more organized. Having storage close-by can help to keep all the necessary materials in one place. Try adding a slide-out cabinet for bulk pet food or a water line to your pet’s bowl to keep clean, filtered, water always accessible.
  4. Building perches for cats allows them to live indoors without missing the versatility of the outdoors. By building walkways high up, you do not give up any valuable floor space in your home and can give your cat room to relax and play. Choose materials to match the décor in your home and have the walkways blend into your home.
  5. A fast-growing trend in pet features in homes is a pet washing station. This eliminates the need to hoist your pets into your personal bathtub and deal with cleaning up after then. By installing a shower-like stall to a first-floor mudroom or laundry room, you can have a place to easily bathe your pets, keep the rest of your home clean, and provide a comfortable place to bathe your pet.


Planning is an important part of any home renovation. If you have the desire to make your home more pet-friendly, Call Northern Craft Construction today at 410-437-9516.