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Need a little extra room to entertain during the summer? Adding a sunroom can completely transform your indoor to outdoor living space. Whether it be a first level, or second level addition, a sunroom maximizes sunlight and windows for a happy medium. An indoor space with an outdoor feel is the perfect place to relax during those hot summer days or where you can cool down or escape from mosquitos during summer nights. Here are a few tips to help you transform your new sunroom into the perfect place to relax with your family and friends.

Design- Should it connect to the backyard? How large should it be? Deciding which sunroom is best for you comes down to your preferences. A partially screened in or open concept layout is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors to its fullest extent. The only temperature regulation is mother nature. A glass enclosed sunroom with access to the outdoors based on when you prefer, is perfect for those who want fresh air as well as access to AC when needed.

Details- A sunroom serves as a gathering place for entertaining, but there are countless uses for a sunroom—such as an office space, or relaxation station. Getting a comfortable seating area is a great way to start any sunroom. Based on your preferences, add functional pieces. For entertaining, consider an area for games or a bar. If you’re considering a sunroom for relaxation, an indoor hammock would be a soothing spot to unwind. Working in a sunroom would be hard without a desk! Figure out what will be your main use for the new space and buy useful pieces to help you use your new space in the best way.

Decorate- Time to pick a theme, color scheme, wall art, plants, and any other decorative pieces you would like to feature. Choosing these things will help to personalize your space in your new sunroom depending on your purpose. Framed art work, posters and photos are a perfect way to personalize your sunroom regardless of your theme. Adding plants into your sunroom can enhance your outdoor feel—they also clean and purify the air. Bring in colorful pillows to tie together the colors you are featuring and make the room feel more comfortable.

Northern Craft provides one-on-one appointments to help hash out the details of your plan. Our team wants you to get that “Warm and Fuzzy Feeling”- an idea that is in your budget, fits your price point, and includes all of your must-haves.