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When zoning different areas of your home with texture, you have a lot of options. From valchromat and shelving, to tile and wallpaper, you can zone a home just about any way you want, with multiple different combinations.

Here are three different options that the Northern Craft Construction team finds perfect for zoning your open-concept floor plan and set it apart from others.

Valchromat is a texture that can be used to zone just about any space. It is made up of recycled wood fibers that are colored throughout. This paneling is ecofriendly, strong, and comes in many vibrant colors. It’s rich and vibrant hues make it a great choice for paneling a room; working to both highlight the space as well as create a division.

Another way to texture areas in your home is by adding shelving. Shelving can add a strategic element to plain white walls in any room. Hanging shelves can also create a separate zone that doesn’t feel too enclosed, which adds a unique feature to any room in the house.

Lastly, adding elements such as cork and wallpaper to interior walls can help separate your open floor plan while also adding character. Similar to Valchromat, textures such as these will also highlight certain area. While cork provides a subtler highlight in color, the difference is made up for in the physical material. Wallpaper is versatile in that you can choose any solid, or print, to match your home décor aesthetic.

While using textures can be a perfect upgrade to any space, completing these renovations can be difficult and time consuming. Call Northern Craft Construction today and let our experienced team handle your custom project efficiently and professionally.